Should people choose one of two opposing sides of an issue, or is the truth usually found “in the middle”?

Topic: Should people choose one of two opposing sides of an issue, or is the truth usually found “in the middle”?

When making decisions people may have different choices. Sometimes these choices may be completely opposite. However, the person, who stands in the middle, also exists. There is no denying that diverse decisions lead various results. The point is that what kind of people should we be? To this question, Steve Jobs and Obama are excellent examples to discuss.

Steve Jobs, the CEO of the Apple, would face countless situations of decision making. Say, should iPhone be thinner or should iPod Nano attach cameras? As an essentially virtual and spiritual leader, he should determine the ultimate decisions. To Jobs, an equivocal selection means that the designer can design the product in two opposite ways and these kinds of selections shows no directions as well as no preference. In this way, the employees would think that it is no use to mention anything to their CEO-Jobs, because every time they ask about something, they only can get the same answer. Not only Steve Jobs, everyone who in charge of the management in any company should make exactly one-side decisions to direct the way of the company as a real leader. It can keep the company to be competitive both in the market and designment.

Differentiating from Mr. Jobs, Barack Obama, the president of the United States, should not be made arbitrary decision. Every action and statement of him represents the national image of the United States. Therefore, he has to avoid making a clear decision in public if not necessary. For a instance, when a journalist asked him that whether Osama Bin Laden was shot by the American troops when Osama was caught alive. He should not say “yes, he was.” Instead, he should say “I do not know.” It will not cause any conflicts and the question is also answered. Therefore, as a public symbol, an ultimately one-side selection should not be given. Because they must care about the different decisions from the public, it is too hard to attain the support from all sides.

Jobs need to give his staffs and the whole company a clear developing way, so that he should make absolute decisions. However, Obama has the duty to balance complicated public sides. It is better for him to found the truth in the middle. In a conclusion, whether to choose one of two opposing sides of an issue is depend on the situation and position you are under, everyone needs to learn how to be flexible.

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