Should people always prefer the new things, ideas, or values to those of the past?

Topic: Should people always prefer the new things, ideas, or values to those of the past?


Under the information explosion, new commodities, ideas and fresh values seem to come out at every second like bumblebees pile out from their hive. People face the obsessive selection of whether to catch up the up-to-the-minute trend or merely to stick on the classical way. As far as I am concerned, new things, ideas and values should be in conjunction with the old ones. Obviously, countless people have gone before us and we should learn from their failures and experiences which will both somewhat hold us back from mistakes and be more success. However, as time progresses, we continually to create new way of doing things and invent new technology to make us lives better. The one who just believe the out dated stuffs would be fool, we absorb directionally and mostly the concepts, ideas, experiences and spirits from the ancients.

Masses of our new technologies are based on the basic concepts. For instance, nowadays, our space shuttles, satellites and space telescope are all based on the classical mechanics and the theory of relativity. That is exactly what we did; we get the help from the old concepts and develop them to shape our own theories and technologies. And these new things can contribute us of carrying out our daily tasks more easily and we should embrace this. The more efficient we become at what we already do, the more time and energy we can put into new things, or into more of the same thing. It also reflects the very source of the information explosion. If I were to use the technology they used a thousand years ago, I could hardly do basic things properly including eating. In 2011, every individual does not have to make their own tools like axes, spears, because modern technology allows one small group of tool makers to manufacture millions of various tools and then transport that anywhere in the world for people to purchase at any market. Therefore, if I were to be left only with the technology that occurred thousands of years ago, it would be very difficult for me to do the most normal job, because modern technology makes it where I can spend less time worrying how to build the tool that I need to do a proper work.


In general, the new things, ideas, or values are more like that the assembly of the old ones. Both of them are vital to us.

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